How to cook some crocodile dishes yourself

Admin | 13/01/2016

Crocodile is a kind of white meat with high protein, 21-22% and 17 acid amino including 7 ones that our body synthesis mechanism couldn’t collect itself: threonine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, phenilalanine, lysine HCL, histidine (according to a research from Vietnam’s HCMC Nong Lam University). It’s also less fatty but much more mineral substances comparing with popular meats like pork, beef, chicken, etc and includes pharmacology substances for asthma (according to research from England’s Oxford Medicine QJM magazine). In this article, our chef will introduce some dishes that you could do them yourself at home.

Name: Crocodile Curry
For: 4 pax
Estimated time: 50 minutes
Crocodile rib: 500 gram
Taro: 150 gram
Carrot: 200 gram
Onion: 150 gram
Spring onion: 40 gram
Lemon grass, chili, garlic, coriander, coconut milk cream, fresh milk, curry powder, chili powder, fish sauce, sugar, cooking oil …
Cooking way:
Mix spring onion, coriander, garlic, chili, lemon grass, cooking oil then ground together.
Put this mixture in the pot with crocodile rib and cook in 2 minutes then continue with curry powder, broth and continue cooking until the rib soft (about 15 minutes). Keep the fire small.
Put coconut milk cream, fresh milk and cook in 10 minutes then continue putting carrot, taro and onion in the pot. Continue cooking in 15 minutes more. Taste again the last time for proper quality. Now you have the dish done.
Décor: Take the curry into a middle bowl, decorate with basil leaves.
Taste the dish when it’s hot with bread or steamed rice.
Name: Crocodile Spring Roll
For: 4 pax
Estimated time: 30 minutes
Minced crocodile: 150 gram
Minced shrimp: 50 gram
Cube sliced onion: 150 gram
Sesame oil: 1 soup spoon
Spices and seasonings: 2 coffee spoon
Pepper powder: ½ coffee spoons
Mayonnaise: 1 soup spoon
Egg: 2
Roasted rice powder: 100 gram
Vegetables, rice paper, cooking oil …
Cooking way: Mix crocodile, shrimp, onion, sesame, pepper powder, mayonnaise, spices and seasonings together.
Spread a layer of egg white on rice paper then put the mixture on the paper and roll.
Deep the roll in roasted rice powder before putting in boiled cooking oil to fry, cook in about 2 minutes when the roll turns yellow tan. Take out and keep it dried off cooking oil.
Décor: Put in bamboo stick and decorate with whole pineapple.
Served with Vietnam Home spring roll sauce (including egg yolk, cooking oil)
Spring roll is one of the best Vietnamese dishes and it’s also variable from region to region depending on ingredients and cuisine styles. Our crocodile spring roll is the South style that normally served with rice paper and raw vegetables.
Name: Milano Crocodile
For: 4 pax
Estimated time: 20 minutes
Crocodile: 500 gram
Egg: 2
Roasted rice powder: 100 gram
Salt: ½ soup spoon
Sugar: ½ soup spoon
Chili sauce: 1 soup spoon
Tomato ketch up: 3 soup spoon
Cooking way:
Slice crocodile meat in whole
Season chili sauce, tomato ketch up, salt and sugar for crocodile meat and keep in 15 minutes.
Deep the meat in roasted rice powder before putting in boiled cooking oil to fry, cook in about 3 minutes until the meat turns yellow tan. Take it out for cooking oil off, cut into small pieces
Décor: Decorate the dish with cucumber, tomato rose, lettuce and served with French fries.
Vietnam Home special sauce: Mix together 5 soup spoons of tomato ketch up, 2 soup spoons of chili sauce, half soup spoon of salt and half coffee spoon of wasabi.
Name: Crocodile Mango Raw Salad
For: 4 pax
Estimated time: 15 minutes
Crocodile meat: 150 gram
Mango raw: 200 gram
Onion: 150 gram
Fried spring onion: 45 gram
Roasted peanut: 40 gram
Chopped coriander, laksa leaves: 2 soup spoons each
Fish sauce (4 soup spoon), sugar (2 soup spoon), and lemon juice (1 soup spoon), and chili (1/2 chili) …
Cooking way:
Prepare in advance sweet and sour sauce with fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice and chili.
Cut crocodile meat and mango raw, onion into long, small pieces. Keep mango raw and onion in ice in about 15 minutes.
Put cooking oil in pan and wait it boil, continue putting garlic, then crocodile meat and cook in about 3 minutes for proper done.
Mix all the ingredients together with sweet and sour sauce.
Décor: put into a square dish, decorate with fresh chili